Professional Management
Attention to Detail

Process is the Key

You want a Professional Businessman & Builder.

Since every Builder can buy lumber from the same yard and hire the same carpenter and electrician the quality and price of your Home SHOULD be the same. Meridian will give you the quality you deserve, but so will a lot of other firms out there. We want you to hire us for our PROCESS and the VALUE we can guarantee because of it.

We provide you outstanding tools that work together to help us create your Home:

  • You stay organized using our Homeowner Manual.
  • You make selections and we communicate those decisions via a secure online database.
  • We provide research for every aspect of your Home, together we select the best option.
  • We schedule and oversee construction and ensure quality that is second to none.
  • We verify invoices and submit to you for your approval
(this system allows you know exactly where every dime is spent)