Professional Tools

Our systematic approach to the Home Building Process includes using cutting edge technology and tools to facilitate communication and limit confusion. There are a lot of moving parts and to do our job right, we’ll be paying attention to every detail, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

We believe in establishing an ‘open book’ relationship with our Clients. Sharing timely and accurate information as a team is critical to the success of your Project. The first step in creating this relationship involves ‘Pre-Construction Planning’ where we define your exact requirements, hopes, and dreams.

We also realize everyone has a budget, so we won’t take on a project unless your requirements are met. Once those requirements are in place, we address your hopes by prioritizing those ‘nice to have’ items and making sure you are educated as to how we can include them without busting the budget.

Finally, we’ll look at your dreams. We have to be honest at this point, your dreams may or may not fit in your budget. If we can deliver on some of those dreams we will; if some of those dreams are simply out of reach we’ll tell you that as well.

To define all of the above we will create a set of Custom Home Specifications specifically for your project that will detail the materials you want in your Home. Taking those Specifications and obtaining material quantities from your Construction Documents, we will create a Line Item Budget.

Online Access

Every selection on your home, from paint colors to HVAC equipment will be thoroughly researched by Meridian Master Builders and all your options (and the associated costs) will be presented to you in an orderly manner via our online communication tool. With the click of a mouse, you will see actual quotes from suppliers and links to manufacturer’s web pages. When it comes time to make a decision, simply click on or enter your choice and we’ll make sure the product is ordered, delivered, and expertly installed in a timely manner.

Know where every dime is…

This service will

  • provide independent verification of work completion at the job site
  • issue payment for completed work only as authorized by the Homeowner & Builder
  • obtain and inventory lien waivers automatically
  • standardize and simply bookkeeping for your Home – thus reducing overhead and saving you money.

Home Owners Manual

During Pre-Construction Planning, our Clients are given a customized Homeowner Manual. The objective is to both educate and guide the Homeowner through the custom building experience. The Homeowner Manual includes:

  • Step-by-step checklist of Homeowner and Builder responsibilities during the Construction Process
  • Professional Services Agreement and Building Contract
  • Custom Home Specifications
  • Line Item Construction Budget
  • Detailed Product Selection guidance
  • An efficient Change Order procedure
  • Outstanding Homeowner/Builder/Tradesman communication process …and more!