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Top 9 Renovations to Increase Home Value in 2024

Renovations to Increase Home Value

Top 9 Renovations to Increase Home Value in 2024

There are many things about a residence that add to its value. Some of these include the house’s size, neighborhood, interest rates, and the advantages one gets at its location.

Most of these you can’t do much about since they’re out of your hands. But, there are other things you can do to uplift the market price of your house like renovations. To increase the home’s value, you can make many changes that can transform your ordinary home into the talk of the town.
Let’s begin with…

1. Going Smart To Go Big In 2024

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the “room”. Smart homes.

These are becoming a norm with every passing day. It’s not a new thing anymore.

But automation still makes a good part of home renovations in 2024. Of course, it will come at some cost. But in my opinion, if it brings in a good investment, then the price is right.

Some of the ways it improves your house is by automating lighting and appliances through voice commands and gestures. Plus, you can regulate your house’s temperature through an app. Adding to that, you can make your house play a constant background music or your favorite songs.

2. Consider DIY Upgrades

The lighting fixtures you have right now won’t necessarily be bad or worn out. But in terms of features and aesthetics, people tend to go towards the newest of the new. So, if your house doesn’t have the latest in it all, you’ll need an upgrade.

So, what are some other ideas for DIY renovations to increase home value? Well, you can try some of these for change:

  • Upgrade bathroom spaces with the latest tile designs.
  • Change your dining room lights with round shade chandeliers.
  • Replace your shower heads and faucets with contemporary ones.
  • Adapt cabinet doors with brighter colors.

3. Add Comfort To Floors

When you think of comfortable floors, you probably think of soft carpets. But that’s not what I’m suggesting here. Carpets were great for the time they were introduced. But they trap dust and allergens, so it’s best to avoid them.

Instead, go for heated flooring.

You can do this while you’re integrating other smart features into your home. But this is a separate suggestion because it might cost a bit more unless… you don’t make all the floors heated, but only your kitchen and bedroom (/s).

4. Adapt Biophilic Styles

The term “biophilic” sounds weird. But in essence, it’s just about going with a natural touch. This isn’t necessarily something new, but it’s definitely in demand. That means it’s probably best to hop on the bandwagon.

After all, as Gary Snyder puts it,

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.”

So, why not make it a part of your renovations to increase home value, right? But the problem is you can’t go Biophilic in a day. You’ll need help. So, I suggest getting in touch with a home renovation expert to see how you can best optimize your home for a natural aesthetic.

5. Consider Going With An ADU

An ADU (or Accessory Dwelling Unit) helps you provide a separate space for your loved ones within your house. Think of it as an extension of your home renovations in 2024. An ADU consists of all the essential features of a house, usually not within the existing house. Here are some ways you can add one:

ADU On The Side

This concept suggests the creation of a small ADU at the back or side of your house. It’s small enough to fit into your yard but also comfortable enough to house a couple of guests or residing in-laws.

ADU In The Basement

This is the idea that you convert part of your basement area into an ADU. It’s relatively safer and gives you another private living space within the comfort of your home for in-laws or children.

ADU On The Garage

As the name suggests, this is when you add an ADU atop your garage. It’s another affordable option. The only downside is that whoever stays there might feel chilly due to the garage part.

6. Color Me Blue… Or Green

Out with the old, and in with the new. Color has played a huge part in a house’s market demand for centuries. But like all else, people’s preferences for color change. So, when you’re going for renovations to increase home value, it’s a good idea to repaint.

That said, you should understand that grays are nearly out of it now. But for 2024, you can go for a shade of green or blue. Blues are especially in nowadays. Plus, you can add a creative wallpaper in each room of a similar color. Otherwise, you can also try color drenching for a unique artistic appeal.

7. Modernize Your Kitchen

Easy-to-use kitchens are one of the highest considerations among home buyers. So, if you want to bring in the big bucks, you need to up your kitchen game.

There are many ways to do this. You can go with a complete redesign, add more cabinets, revamp your windows, or upgrade your slabs. But two things help you stand apart most could be:

I. Fluted Aesthetics

It’s simple. It’s clean. It’s yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Fluted cabinet designs and wallpapers add a touch of additional style to your kitchen space at a low cost.

II. Walk-In Pantry

Storage should always go hand-in-hand with a functional design sense. This is where a walk-in pantry outshines. It helps you store more utensils and appliances in less space to help you walk around freely. You can find many concepts online for inspiration.

8. Add A Hint Of Sustainability

Everybody wants to for green home renovations in 2024. As a homeowner, you can use that to your advantage by making your house more eco-friendly during renovation. Here are two ideas to do that under a budget:

  • Replace existing faucets with low-flow ones to reduce water consumption
  • Replace lighting fixtures with energy-efficient alternatives to save on energy.

Additionally, you can install solar panels to save on electric bills, and eco-friendly vacuum double-glazing glass windows to act as a thermal seal for your residence.

9. Add Style To Your Greens

Finally, there are yard renovations to increase a home’s value. Whether it’s front, back, or sides, there are many ways to revamp your yard for a more attractive look. One method that’s trending recently is to go with grid pavements.

It’s still a pavement, but you can see grass growing beneath it due to its textured design. Specially designed grid pavement blocks are used for this. These blocks have spaces in between to let grass grow, so you can see the greenery beneath. So, these make a great alternative to traditional basic yard paths and driveways.

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